Getting Accredited

Your journey to become a BSE Accredited Agent is right here:

1. Confirm Your Spot Now!

Fill out the Application Form and secure your place at the next BSE AAS Expert Presenter Session by clicking here.

This is a 2 day course where industry specific Modules are taught to you by our team of expert presenters.  The online component of the course can be completed at your own pace to achieve your BSE Accredited Agent Certificate.  It’s easy to start your journey and career TODAY! Book your position in the next Expert Presenter session by clicking here to sign up and the BSE Team will guide you through the entire process.

We are planning the next courses now!

Please be aware that if you want to trade as an agent in particular sports (e.g. NRL, AFL), you may need to complete their separate accreditation courses to do so. Further information about those will be provided in the Legal, Rules and Ethics Module during the course.

YOUR INFO IS SECURE WITH US – Contact us for a copy of the BSE AAS Privacy Policy.

2. The AAS Fees for 12 Months of BSE Accreditation

The only fee you will pay for the course information, your position in the next Expert Presenter Session and all the other benefits listed here is $1,400 (exc GST). 

This is an unparalleled value for the calibre of presenters and the diverse insider knowledge we provide.  The cost of one of our expert presenters to look at a single contract or give tax/investment advice would far exceed the cost of the entire course!   Not only does this save you the cost of seeking that expert advice, but we share our unique knowledge so you earn immediately.  This does not even take into account the resources and ongoing support we provide through the BSE Accredited Agent Portal!  We have limited spaces so the earlier you apply the better your chances are of securing your place in the course.  Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to distinguish yourself from your peers and/or start the career of your dreams.

3. Expert Presenter Course

Each Expert Presenter will talk through their respective Module (practical advice, not just academic).  Make the most of this valuable opportunity to take notes on key points and ask questions.  When you complete the Expert Presenter Course, you will be provided your profile login details for the BSE Support Forum and your “” email will be set up! The Login is available on the homepage.  This Login grants access to the BSE support portal and the online portion of the scheme (e.g. Module exams).

4. Module Exams

Sit your Module exams in your own time online through the BSE Support Portal. The BSE Team suggest sitting them as close to the Expert Presenter Session as possible so all of the information is fresh and so you can become accredited sooner! Each Module exam should take no longer than an hour and are a mix of multiple choice, short answer and detailed answer/scenario questions.

5. BSE AAS Code of Conduct

Once you achieve the pass mark (75%) for EACH Module exam, the only steps to achieving your official BSE Accredited Agent Certificate are to provide BSE with:

  • a signed copy of the BSE Code of Conduct if you have not already done so;
  • a valid “Working with Children” certification for the state you reside in (more information for your state’s requirements can be found by clicking here);
  • a current Australian Federal Police Criminal check with signed consent provided to the BSE Team to make further enquires if necessary.

6. BSE AAS Support Portal

Once you achieve your official BSE Accreditation, your profile on the BSE Support Portal access will be extended to provide access to the greatest asset in building your career as an agent! Legal contract templates, budget templates, a database of  sponsorship contacts to get your foot in the door, capped-price legal, consulting, and accounting advice, and a support forum where you can discuss day-to-day issues with other agents and the BSE team.

7. BSE AAS Brand Kit

The BSE AAS team will send you the BSE AAS Brand Kit, which you can use to promote yourself and your business as a BSE Accredited Agent. Put the seal on your website, business cards, and display your accreditation in your office with pride.  This way you can distinguish yourself from other agents and can be confident you have the most up to date knowledge and access to the best industry advice.

8. Get out there and build your career in the most exciting industries in the world!!

9. Annual Renewal Fee and Refresher Course for Accreditation

A renewal fee of $400 (+ GST) to retain access to the BSE Portal and ongoing support is payable each anniversary of your graduation as a BSE Accredited Agent. You may also be requested to do an online refresher course should there be significant updates the BSE Team consider necessary for the next 12 months of your career as a BSE Accredited Agent.

10. ONGOING: The BSE AAS Discipline System maintains the Integrity of the BSE Agent Accreditation Scheme

You and the Industry can have confidence in the integrity of the other BSE Accredited Agents.

The BSE AAS Discipline Committee are receiving reports and performing their own investigations into any information relating to a BSE Accredited Agent straying from the standards they are bound to under the BSE AAS Code of Conduct. If a BSE Accredited Agent does not uphold the integrity expected of all BSE Accredited Agents, they will be subject to discipline from the Committee and could have their accreditation stripped. A register of BSE Accredited Agents will always be available to public on this website.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us by clicking here. We will respond to you within a day.