BSE AAS Vision


“There is NO industry-wide standard or qualification required to be an agent in Australia and New Zealand.  Our goal is to work with existing organisations, athletes/artists, and other key stakeholders to create this standard.  Careers in these industries are lucrative but they are also fragile and short.  Having a qualified person managing careers off the field/stage is crucial for individuals and these industries to grow sustainably in a positive direction.”

Matt Burgess: Director of Burgess Sport & Entertainment

We created the Burgess Sport & Entertainment Agent Accreditation Scheme (BSE AAS) for two reasons; to create a standard of education for agents that improves the lives of athletes and entertainers by ensuring they are represented to the standard they deserve; and to offer our knowledge to individuals seeking careers in sport and entertainment, and those already in the industries who share our dedication to integrity and professionalism.

The BSE AAS is a revolutionary scheme exposing aspiring individuals keen to take control of decades of industry experience with a broad range of expertise delivered using the most innovative media technology available today.  BSE AAS provides a formal accreditation that prospective clients want to see, and the tools and information entrepreneurs need to know.  Whether you have ambitions of managing professional athletes or artists (music, acting, modelling or otherwise), are an aspiring athlete or artist yourself, want to help represent a loved one, or simply have an interest in the commercial aspects of these industries, this course is for you.  The BSE AAS provides practical industry specific education to succeed in the world of sport and entertainment. Our aim is to assist an industry that remains severely unregulated and permits damage to be caused to itself by a minority.