Introduction to Agency

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The Introduction to Agency Module will cover the following topics:

  • Responsibility and relationship with talent;
  • Day to day management of talent;
  • Ethical and practical considerations affecting agency; and
  • Business strategy and development.

We introduce and defines agency in simple legal terms so attendees understand the significant responsibility involved in being an agent for talent.  It details the various obligations agents have toward their clients by examining applicable statutory and common law.  The scope of what is reasonably expected of agents and guidance on ethical dilemmas that naturally arise in agency relationships are also discussed in detail.

A portion also sheds light on practical considerations such as recruitment and endorsement strategies.  A clear and thorough understanding of ethical and legal duties is the key foundation to effective agency.  This introduction establishes a firm base that is built on by the subsequent modules.

The expert presenter for the Gold Coast session on March 28 and 29 was Chris White. See his opinion on what makes a good agent below: