Legal, Rules and Ethics


The Legal, Rules and Ethics Module will cover the following topics:

  • Contract law, theory and practice;
  • Securing and protecting Intellectual property;
  • Commercial foundations of modern industry;
  • Identifying and handling conflicts of interest;
  • Sport specific accreditation courses required (e.g. NRL, AFL); and
  • Complying with industry rules and policies.

Contract and intellectual property law plays a pivotal role in agency and is arguably the most important practical skill an agent needs to cultivate.  Contracts are the backbone of professional sport and entertainment industries and, in most cases, are the crux of most modern disputes.  Whether it is a performance bonus for a footy player or a royalty agreement for a recording artist, in most cases the contract is the bottom line.  Having a robust theoretical and practical understanding of contracts is key to protecting your client and ensuring commercial success.  In this module, the various kinds of contracts and the obligations they entail will be thoroughly examined.  The legal elements that are required to make an agreement binding and much more will be addressed in this section. In a more specific context, the legal reading of sport’s rules that will apply to a sporting athlete or detailed policy that your entertainment talent will need to comply with are also discussed in this module.

The expert presenter for the Gold Coast session of this Module on 28 & 29 March was Matt Burgess.