Marketing & Public Relations


The Marketing and PR Module will cover the following topics:

  • Marketing strategies;
  • Practical and theoretical PR considerations;
  • Positive and negative aspects of media in modern agency; and
  • Specialising your ‘brand’ or service.

In our modern age of technology and social media, a healthy, active and controlled relationship with the media is of the utmost importance to an agent.  This relationship can define you as an agent, as well as determine your client’s popularity and influence their commercial success.  This module explores various aspects of public relations so agents are aware of successful strategies and strategies to avoid.  In addition, marketing strategies are discussed in detail in this course module.  This ensures that accredited agents have the ability to market themselves and the individuals they represent.  Sport and entertainment are incredibly competitive industries.  The step-by-step skills needed to sell yourself and your clients are taught so you can feel confident turning your interest in sport and entertainment into a successful career.

The expert presenter for this Module for the Gold Coast session on 28 & 29 March was Yasmine Gray.