Post-Career Development


The Post-Career Development Module will cover the following:

  • Retirement planning;
  • Structuring a Career Plan for you and your talent;
  • Career services and where to find them;
  • Capitalising off opportunities and industry contacts; and
  • Portfolio creation and strategy.

All professional careers eventually come to an end.  As a BSE Accredited Agent, you have an ongoing commitment to your client and their career.  An agent acts as partner and advisor through the entire arc of the professional life of your client.  This is an area of the industry that is too-often ignored by current agents. This module explores the ways you can prepare your client for the possibility of failure, or a premature conclusion to their career.  Anything from an injury, contract conflict or overly adverse media attention to a personal problem may signal the end of a client’s career.  Having a strategic plan established prior to this occurring is important in fulfilling your professional duties as an agent.  This module teaches agents how to properly prepare themselves and their client for their life after sport or entertainment.