Tanyn Lyndon, Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman


The last two seasons competing in the ironman series has been a huge  learning curve for me. Being one of the younger guys in the series I have been able to witness the importance of having a positive and supportive network around me.

Unfortunately I have heard and seen some horror stories with athlete management in the past and that is why I have chosen to align myself with an BSEAAS accredited agent. With my increasing commitments in the sport it is essential that I have a highly supportive and qualified team to manage my professional and personal affairs.

To watch me in action against the top Ironmen in Australia check out the
Deep water challenge that was broadcast on channel 9 late last year at:


Alyce Bennett

Alyce 1“Having spent the past nine years competing as an elite athlete in the professional surf life saving ironwoman series, and also recently completing a double degree in business and law, I have personally witnessed the shortcomings directly attributable to a lack of regulation in the sport industry.

I found that while some agency problems may be sinister in nature, others are sometimes inadvertent consequences of family or friends trying to do the right thing without the right information or resources.

The AAS perfectly complemented both my professional and sporting experience and ambitions. I was able to further my practical knowledge and gain access to ongoing support and opportunities by way of the online portal. This was particularly impressive to me, as it meant the benefits of the course were not limited, but rather continued long after I became accredited.

The opportunity to engage with industry experts and instantly develop my professional network was invaluable, and the quality of presenters involved was testament in itself to the credibility of the course.”

Rebekah O’Sullivan


I have had an extensive career in the Entertainment Industry as a professional actor; TV Presenter; Journalist; TV, Film and Theatre Coach; Accent and Dialect coach and Entertainment & Intellectual Property Lawyer. I am also the Director of a Training Company which focuses on coaching corporate clients, schools & tertiary institutions in speech, voice, effective communication & presentation as well as professional acting, accent & TV presenting training.

 The BSE Agency Course is a valuable course for any agent or person wishing to become an agent.  The course provides legal information on the laws that affect agents as well as advice on an array of important issues that agents face daily.  I enjoyed the course segment on how to market and manage your clients effectively.  The guest speakers provide infinite wisdom on their own experiences offering great insight into the world of the agent.  I highly recommend this course to any agent within the entertainment industry.

Luke Burgess

Luke Burgess Mug ShotA problem many athletes face is the unique and sometimes lonely career in sport.  A sports agent needs to understand the demanding nature of commercial decisions for athletes.

From an athlete’s point of view, BSE has created the perfect tool for agents looking to develop their understanding of the challenges faced by athletes when making commercial decisions.

Bede Durbidge

Bede Durbidge has been a pro surfer on the ASP World Tour for many years and is one of the most consistent performers the tour has ever seen reaching as high as number 2 on the ASP World Rankings. Bede takes some time out to tell us about his concerns with Sports agents, what young athletes should look out for and the benefit he sees with the Burgess Sport and Entertainment Agent Accreditation Scheme.